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Phone:(855) 787-4137 Fax: (727) 330-7840

Our Mission... is to support peoples' health with high quality customized formulations that are safe, reliable, and affordable

What we do...

APS Specializes in compounding customized medications designed specifically for each individual patient's needs. APS pharmacist work closely with doctors and patients to improve patient outcomes.

Safe, Reliable, Affordable...

Continuous quality compounding is our highest priority. Our products are constantly tested by independent third-party labs; this means your medication is safe, reliable, and consistent.

  • Our facility is USP <797> compliant for sterility
  • Our products are USP <795> compliant for potency
  • Our products are rigorously tested by third-party labs.
  • Our chemical vendors are FDA-registered.
  • Our chemicals are required to have Certificate of Analysis
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